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APC chieftain urges President Tinubu to address Zamfara’s security crisis

Calls for urgent action amidst escalating banditry attacks in the state

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Bello Bakyasuwa, a prominent figure within the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Zamfara State, has issued a heartfelt appeal to President Bola Tinubu, urging him to intervene decisively in addressing the state’s persistent security challenges.

Speaking out against the backdrop of escalating banditry attacks in the state, particularly in rural areas, Bakyasuwa highlighted the urgent need for concrete action to rescue Zamfara from the grip of insecurity and an economic downturn.

In recent incidents, including the abduction of worshippers in a mosque and thwarted abduction attempts by bandits, Bakyasuwa underscored the severity of the situation, emphasizing that the common man in Zamfara has been left without hope amidst the prevailing crisis.

Expressing concern over the deteriorating security landscape, Bakyasuwa emphasized the necessity for President Tinubu to be fully informed of the ground realities in Zamfara. He cautioned against the influence of self-serving politicians who may distort the true state of affairs for their own gain.

Furthermore, Bakyasuwa urged President Tinubu to appoint competent individuals from Zamfara to assist in tackling the security challenges effectively. He emphasized the importance of rewarding those who have remained loyal to the party and contributed to its success in the state.

With a plea for genuine representation and a call for decisive action, Bakyasuwa’s appeal resonates as a clarion call for immediate intervention to stem the tide of insecurity and restore stability to Zamfara.

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