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ASUU ATBU Bauchi rejects VC position advertisement amid governance concerns

Union Condemns Alleged Breach of University Laws and Calls for Government Intervention

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BY Baban Khalid

The Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) chapter at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU), Bauchi, has raised objections to the recent advertisement for the university’s Vice Chancellor position, citing concerns over procedural irregularities and the absence of a governing council.

During a press conference in Bauchi, Dr. Ibrahim Inuwa, Chairperson of ASUU ATBU Bauchi, expressed dismay at what the union perceives as a violation of university laws and the perpetuation of nepotism and impunity within the institution’s management.

The union’s discontent stems from the advertisement’s release despite the absence of a duly constituted council, which, according to university statutes, holds the authority to oversee such appointments. ASUU decried what it sees as a recurring pattern of institutional disregard for established legal frameworks, characterizing it as a troubling trend.

The controversy surrounding the VC vacancy advertisement underscores broader governance issues within the university, with ASUU urging Minister of Education and President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to intervene and safeguard the integrity of public universities. ASUU called for the immediate halt of the VC appointment process and the restoration of governing councils to ensure adherence to legal mandates.

In response, the ATBU management refuted ASUU’s claims, asserting that all actions were taken in accordance with relevant laws and regulatory provisions. Zailani Bappa, Director of the Directorate of Information at ATBU, defended the advertisement and subsequent administrative decisions, emphasizing the authority vested in the Minister of Education in the absence of a council.

Bappa clarified that while certain responsibilities, such as appointments and promotions, fall under the purview of the council, the Minister assumes oversight functions in its absence. He underscored the university’s adherence to legal requirements and emphasized the lawfulness of the VC vacancy announcement.

Furthermore, Bappa highlighted ongoing efforts to ensure procedural integrity and adherence to statutory requirements, reiterating the university’s commitment to upholding legal frameworks. He emphasized the need for constructive engagement and dialogue to address concerns and facilitate transparent governance processes.

Despite ASUU’s reservations, ATBU management maintains that all actions were undertaken within the confines of university regulations and federal laws. The dispute underscores broader challenges facing university governance in Nigeria and the imperative of ensuring adherence to legal norms and institutional integrity.

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