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Bauchi State government accused of concealing truth over trailer accident: BUA speaks out

Salisu Hamza Ahmed, Recovery Officer, condemns misinformation leading to undeserved accolades for Daben Kasuwa community

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By Baban Khalid

In a scathing critique of the Bauchi State Government’s handling of a recent trailer accident, Salisu Hamza Ahmed, Recovery Officer at BUA Transport, has lambasted what he describes as a deliberate attempt to obscure facts surrounding the incident. Last Monday’s tragic event, which saw a fully loaded trailer somersault along the Bauchi – Kari road, has sparked controversy amid accusations of misinformation and a subsequent misallocation of praise.

Ahmed, addressing reporters in Bauchi on Thursday, revealed startling details regarding the circumstances of the accident. Contrary to initial reports suggesting an act of communal heroism in safeguarding the cargo, Ahmed clarified that the trailer, laden with cartons of spaghetti, overturned due to a tire burst, spilling its contents onto the road.

Governor Bala Mohammed, influenced by erroneous information, lauded the purported selflessness of the Daben Kasuwa community, subsequently authorizing a commendation in the form of 200 bags of rice and millet. However, Ahmed’s account paints a different picture, one of chaos and opportunism amidst the aftermath of the accident.

“The reality on the ground,” Ahmed stated, “was far from the narrative presented to Governor Mohammed. The supposed guardianship of the cargo by the community was a fabrication. Instead, what ensued was an unfortunate scene of looting as the spilled spaghetti became fair game.”

The aftermath of the accident, occurring during the Ramadan fast-breaking, saw efforts to secure an empty trailer for the salvage operation delayed. By the time a replacement vehicle was procured, members of the Daben Kasuwa community had already begun pilfering the scattered cargo.

In the face of rampant looting, Ahmed and his team, assisted by law enforcement, were able to salvage only a fraction of the lost goods. Despite their efforts, nearly three thousand cartons of spaghetti had already been carted away by villagers.

“What’s most regrettable,” Ahmed lamented, “is the unwarranted praise bestowed upon the community by Governor Mohammed. Rather than seeking the truth from reliable sources, he was misled by individuals with ulterior motives, resulting in a misguided show of appreciation.”

Ahmed called for a reevaluation of the incident and urged Governor Mohammed to exercise greater discernment in assessing such situations in the future, cautioning against being swayed by self-serving interests.

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