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Customs pledges support for locally-made vehicles to boost economic growth

Comptroller General Adewale Adeniyi champions homegrown automotive industry during factory visit.

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In a significant move towards promoting indigenous industries and bolstering Nigeria’s economic resilience, Comptroller General Adewale Adeniyi of the Nigeria Customs Service has voiced staunch support for locally-made vehicles. Following a test drive to one of the nation’s factories producing made-in-Nigeria vehicles, Adeniyi underscored the pivotal role of supporting domestic initiatives to drive sustainable economic growth.

Speaking candidly about the imperative to embrace homegrown products, Adeniyi emphasized the need to break free from reliance on imported goods, particularly in the automotive sector. His commitment to championing Nigerian-made vehicles reflects a broader strategy to foster economic self-sufficiency and reduce dependence on foreign imports.

Adeniyi’s visit to the factory marks a pivotal moment in the journey towards promoting indigenous automotive manufacturing. By engaging directly with local producers and exploring partnership opportunities, the Nigeria Customs Service aims to create a conducive environment for the growth and expansion of the domestic automotive industry.

In his remarks, Adeniyi highlighted the importance of providing tangible support to local manufacturers through concessions and partnership agreements. By actively considering locally-made vehicles for procurement purposes, the Nigeria Customs Service seeks to pave the way for increased market penetration and enhanced competitiveness in the automotive sector.

Meanwhile, Hassan Ghandour, Sales Manager at Mikano Motors Abuja, underscored the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality, affordable vehicles tailored to the Nigerian market. With a diverse range of options, including sedans, SUVs, and pickup trucks, Mikano Motors aims to cater to the varied needs and preferences of Nigerian consumers while prioritizing affordability and durability.

Ghandour’s assurance of warranty coverage and after-sales support further reinforces Mikano Motors’ commitment to customer satisfaction and long-term engagement. By providing comprehensive service packages and ensuring product reliability, the company seeks to instill confidence in its customers and build lasting relationships within the Nigerian automotive market.

As Nigeria Customs Service and local manufacturers forge partnerships and collaborate towards a shared vision of economic prosperity, the future of the nation’s automotive industry appears brighter than ever. Through concerted efforts to support homegrown initiatives and foster innovation, Nigeria stands poised to unlock new opportunities for growth and development in the automotive sector.

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