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Economist Bismarck Rewane dispels notion of Naira’s curse, calls it a currency in transition

Renowned Economist Discusses Nigeria's Currency Challenges and Path to Stability on National Television

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In a recent appearance on Channels Television’s flagship program, Politics Today, prominent economist Bismarck Rewane debunked the notion that Nigeria’s currency, the naira, is cursed, emphasizing instead that it is undergoing a transitional phase.

Responding to speculation and concerns about the naira’s fluctuating value and the Central Bank of Nigeria’s alleged plans regarding domiciliary account deposits, Rewane, the Managing Director of Financial Derivatives Company Limited, provided insights into the currency’s trajectory and the broader economic landscape.

Contrary to claims of a jinx, Rewane contextualized the naira’s challenges within the framework of transition, citing historical fluctuations and recent exchange rates. He underscored the complexities of currency valuation, stressing that the naira’s current struggles stem from a combination of structural and transitional factors.

Addressing the fundamental issue of high inflation and its impact on currency stability, Rewane emphasized the multifaceted nature of the problem, cautioning against simplistic solutions. He highlighted the interconnectedness of economic variables and the need for a holistic approach to address currency devaluation and inflationary pressures.

Drawing parallels with global currency systems, Rewane outlined the diverse approaches to exchange rate management, including fixed, floating, and managed exchange rates. He underscored the need for nuanced policy interventions tailored to Nigeria’s unique economic landscape.

Reflecting on historical exchange rates, Rewane highlighted the evolution of currency valuations over time, illustrating the dynamic nature of global economic systems.

In navigating the challenges posed by currency fluctuations and inflationary pressures, Rewane emphasized the importance of comprehensive policy frameworks and systemic reforms to promote currency stability and economic resilience.

As Nigeria grapples with the complexities of currency transition, Rewane’s insights shed light on the path forward, emphasizing the imperative of informed policy decisions and proactive measures to address the underlying factors contributing to currency volatility.

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