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Edo State Assembly orders publication of deputy governor’s impeachment notice

Rift Between Deputy Governor Phillip Shaibu and Governor Obaseki Escalates Amid Allegations

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In a dramatic turn of events, the Edo State House Assembly has mandated the publication of an impeachment notice directed at Deputy Governor Phillip Shaibu in national newspapers, following his purported refusal to acknowledge the notice served by the House last week.

The unfolding saga began last Wednesday when lawmakers initiated impeachment proceedings against Shaibu, levelling accusations of perjury and unauthorized disclosure of government information against him.

The decision to escalate the matter through publication arises from what appears to be an impasse between the deputy governor and the legislative body. Despite the House’s attempts to serve the notice directly, Shaibu allegedly rebuffed the communication, prompting Speaker Blessing Agbebaku to resort to alternative measures.

The strained relationship between Shaibu and Governor Godwin Obaseki has been evident since last year, particularly when Shaibu expressed aspirations to contest in the forthcoming gubernatorial elections.

Upon the resumption of plenary on Monday, Speaker Agbebaku declared the House’s intention to serve the notice via publication in prominent national dailies, including the Nigerian Observer newspaper.

“It is evident that the deputy governor has rejected the impeachment notice served on him by the House,” stated Speaker Agbebaku, underscoring the need for decisive action in light of Shaibu’s alleged defiance.

The directive to publish the notice in multiple newspapers reflects the escalating tensions within Edo’s political landscape and underscores the gravity of the rift between key figures in the state’s administration.

As the controversy unfolds, the Edo State Assembly’s decision to pursue alternative channels for serving the impeachment notice signals a pivotal moment in the ongoing power struggle, setting the stage for further political upheaval in the region.

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