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Engineer Eberechukwu Oji to be crowned Eze Aro of Arochukwu Kingdom in historic coronation ceremony

Ancient Igbo Kingdom set for a transformative moment as the coronation of Engineer Eberechukwu Oji as Eze Aro is scheduled for December 26, 2023

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A significant chapter in the history of the Arochukwu Kingdom in Abia State will unfold on December 26, 2023, with the coronation of Engineer Eberechukwu Oji as the Eze Aro. The announcement, conveyed in a letter from the Palace of the Eze Aro and signed by Mazi Oji Kanu Oji and Mazi Kanu Okoro Kanu Oji, emphasizes the legitimacy of the selection process and dispels any confusion arising from the actions of the suspended Eze Ibom Isii, Mazi Kanu Okereke Kanu.

The letter reads in part: “The attention of the palace has been drawn to news making the round that one Godwin Kanu Idei was purportedly ‘crowned’ Eze Aro by the now suspended Eze Ibom Isii, Mazi Kanu Okereke Kanu, and that the Godwin Kanu Idei has been parading himself as the Eze Aro.

“This is to inform Umu Aro that the suspended Eze Ibom Isii has no traditional or cultural right nor has any role to play in the selection of Eze Aro.

“The selection of Eze Aro is the exclusive preserve of Okennachi Kindred, which has followed the laid-down process by selecting and presenting to Ndi Oke, Utuhugwu, Bianko, and Amaja the new Eze Aro.

“It is therefore no longer news that the process for the selection of a new Eze Aro has been concluded. The transparent process witnessed the emergence of Engineer Eberechukwu Oji, a prince of the kingdom, the grandson of Eze Kanu Oji, and a petroleum engineer with over 25 years of post-qualification experience.

“For the avoidance of doubt and fear that the illegality perpetrated by Eze Ibom Isii could lead to a breakdown of law and order in the kingdom, the Palace, Okennachi, and well-meaning Aros have brought the unsavoury situation and the illegal act of Mazi Kanu Okereke Kanu to the attention of the government and the security agencies, who have already swung into action to forestall the illegality.

“We use this opportunity to inform Umu Aro that the coronation of the Eze Aro Engineer, Eberechukwu Oji, will take place on the 26th of December, 2023.

Recall that the new Eze-designate was chosen by the people of Aro ancient Kingdom, in Abia State, after a rigorous but meticulous process.

Pastor Ebere Chukwu Eni, a grandson of the late Mazi Kanu Orji who led Aros for 73 years on the throne, emerged on October 18, 2023, at a selection event in the kingdom.

A selection process by a committee of seven elders culminated in the emergence of the new Eze. The emergence of Engineer Oji fills the gap created by the passing of Mazi Vincent Okoro, the immediate past Eze Aro, as the new Eze Aro succeeds him.

While Mr. Godwin Kanu Idei got only two votes at the final voting stage, Engineer Eberechukwu Eni Oji who is also a pastor received more votes. By the result, therefore, Pastor Eberechukwu Eni Oji emerged the new Eze-designate of Aro Kingdom.
The last Eze Aro, Late Eze Aro, Mazi Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro, CFR, ascended the famous ancient throne of Aro Kingdom in 1995. He was, in 1988, chosen to ascend the throne of his forefathers but was not officially crowned the Eze Aro until 31st May, 1995, about 7 years in waiting. He died 25 years after at the age of 89 in 2021.

Eze Okoro was preceded by Eze Mazi Kanu Orji who was born in 1900 and died in 1987.

He reigned from 1914 – 1987, ruled for 73 years continuously, and remains Nigeria’s longest monarch to ever reign in history. Late Mazi Kanu Oji was crowned Eze Aro in 1914 at age of 14, but he could not take full control of the throne until he attained a full age of 21. That was in 1921, exactly 7 years after his coronation. It was then that he performed his first important public function as Eze Aro as he chaired, for the first time, a vital meeting of Aro Traditional Leaders Council.

The emergence of Eberechukwu Eni, 102 years later marks a major turning point in the history of the foremost ancient Kingdom of the Igbos.

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