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FCT Tax agency requests socialite Aisha Achimugu’s tax returns amidst lavish birthday controversy

Abuja-Based Socialite Faces Scrutiny Over Extravagant Birthday Celebration as Tax Authorities Seek Compliance

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The FCT-Internal Revenue Service (FCT-IRS) has ignited a stir by requesting details of annual tax returns from Abuja-based socialite Aisha Achimugu, following a cascade of controversy surrounding her opulent 50th birthday festivities.

In a since-deleted post on its official X platform, the FCT-IRS extended birthday wishes to Achimugu while subtly reminding her of her tax obligations, prompting scrutiny into her financial affairs amidst reports of her extravagant celebration on the Caribbean island of Grenada.

Achimugu’s seven-day birthday extravaganza, attended by a cadre of high-profile personalities, including Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, attracted widespread attention for its lavishness and exclusivity. The celebration, reportedly hosted at the luxurious Calivigny Island, incurred staggering expenses, estimated at over $924,000 for the island rental alone.

In response to the media fervor surrounding the event, Achimugu, also known as the Managing Director of Abuja-based Felak Concept Group, unabashedly embraced the attention, asserting her global prominence and unapologetic stance towards her extravagant lifestyle.

In a statement characterized by self-congratulation and defiance, Achimugu celebrated her status as “the most popular person in the world,” emphasizing her commitment to living life on her own terms despite societal scrutiny.

While Achimugu’s celebration captured headlines and stirred social media discourse, the FCT-IRS’s request for her tax returns underscores broader questions about financial transparency and accountability, particularly among Nigeria’s affluent elite. As the controversy unfolds, it raises pertinent inquiries into the intersection of wealth, privilege, and civic responsibility within Nigerian society.

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