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Final farewell: Herbert Wigwe’s hometown prepares for burial amidst grief, tradition

Rivers State Community Gathers to Bid Adieu to Philanthropic Leader Amidst Tight Security Measures

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As the sun sets on Isiokpo, Rivers State, preparations are underway for the somber burial of the late former Chief Executive Officer of Access Holdings, Dr. Herbert Wigwe. In his hometown of Omueke, Isiokpo, a solemn procession awaits as the community prepares to bid farewell to one of its beloved sons on Saturday.

Dr. Wigwe’s remains, escorted by a grand motorcade, made their journey from the Port Harcourt International Airport to his father’s compound in Omueke, Isiokpo, a poignant homecoming marked by mourning and reflection.

The decision to lay Dr. Wigwe to rest in his ancestral land was not just a matter of tradition but a deeply rooted sentiment among his kinsmen. As the community braces for the funeral rites, ancient customs will be invoked to seek answers about the untimely passing of their cherished benefactor.

With heavy hearts, community members don black attire, while married women, a symbol of strength and tradition, gather to offer prayers at the entrance of the community. Over 200 women, their voices trembling with sorrow, beseech the divine to ward off the specter of premature death that has cast its shadow upon their community.

Chairman of Ikwerre Local Government Area, Dr. Samuel Nwanosike, and local elders solemnly receive Dr. Wigwe’s body, acknowledging the profound loss felt by the community. Nwanosike pledges to preserve Dr. Wigwe’s legacy, highlighting his visionary leadership and philanthropic endeavors that transcended local boundaries.

The funeral ceremony is poised to draw a host of dignitaries, with over 30 private jets ferrying governors, ministers, politicians, industrialists, and traditional leaders to pay their respects. The Port Harcourt International Airport bustles with activity as mourners and visitors converge to honor the memory of the financial luminary and philanthropist.

Amidst the grief, preparations for a wake at Wigwe University, founded by the late mogul, are underway. The university, adjacent to Dr. Wigwe’s residence, stands as a testament to his commitment to education and community development.

While the community mourns, the Rivers State Police Command assures robust security measures to ensure a peaceful ceremony. With mobile police units and undercover personnel deployed, authorities strive to maintain order amidst the gathering throngs of mourners.

As the final moments approach, Isiokpo stands united in grief, honoring the life and legacy of Dr. Herbert Wigwe, a man whose impact transcended borders and whose memory will endure in the hearts of those he touched.

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