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Former defence minister Aliyu Gusau calls for comprehensive reforms in Nigeria’s security architecture

Former Defence Minister Aliyu Gusau and PDP Chieftain Olabode George Urge Strategic Overhaul in Response to Escalating Insecurity

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Aliyu Gusau, a former Minister of Defence, underscored the complexity of Nigeria’s security landscape, emphasizing that the nation’s vastness and diversity present formidable challenges beyond the capacity of the police alone. His remarks, delivered at the graduation ceremony of the Community Protection Guard, initiated by the Zamfara State Government, called for a fundamental reevaluation of Nigeria’s security strategy in response to the escalating threats facing the country.

“With an estimated population of 223.8 million and a vast terrain spanning 923,768 square kilometers, Nigeria poses unique security challenges,” Gusau remarked. He highlighted the prevalence of terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, and other criminal activities across the nation, underscoring the imperative for a multifaceted approach that involves communities in safeguarding their environments.

Gusau advocated for a paradigm shift in Nigeria’s security architecture, urging policymakers to prioritize community-driven initiatives and collaborative efforts to combat insecurity effectively. He emphasized that security is a collective responsibility that transcends the purview of law enforcement agencies alone.

Meanwhile, Olabode George, a prominent figure within the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), lamented the deteriorating security situation during a press conference in Lagos. Against the backdrop of recent kidnappings and violent incidents, George warned that Nigeria teeters on the brink of collapse, citing the brazenness of criminal elements and the vulnerability of citizens.

George raised concerns about the efficacy of existing security frameworks, particularly in regions like the South-West, where local security outfits like Amotekun lack adequate resources to confront emerging threats. He called for urgent action to equip state-level security agencies and empower communities to defend themselves against criminal elements.

Highlighting the need for constitutional reforms, George urged President Tinubu to explore the recommendations of past constitutional conferences to address structural deficiencies hampering Nigeria’s security apparatus. He advocated for the establishment of state and community policing structures to decentralize security operations and enhance responsiveness to local challenges.

“Security cannot be the sole responsibility of one entity,” George asserted, emphasizing the imperative for collaborative efforts between federal, state, and local authorities to safeguard communities and restore public trust in governance.

As Nigeria grapples with mounting security concerns, calls for comprehensive reforms resonate across political divides, underscoring the urgency of collective action to address the nation’s security imperatives and safeguard the well-being of its citizens.

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