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Governor warns of Somalia fate as killings escalate in Plateau State

Caleb Mutfwang urges decisive action to prevent Nigeria from descending into chaos, addressing former Speaker Dogara's concerns on security handling, while a coalition demands an inquiry into alleged collaboration between military personnel and terror groups

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Plateau State Governor, Caleb Mutfwang, has issued a stark warning, suggesting that Nigeria could face a fate akin to Somalia if urgent measures are not taken to stem the rising tide of killings and violent crimes. Speaking in Jos during a visit by former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogora, the governor expressed deep concern about the continuous bloodshed, particularly the recent massacre of around 200 people in Bokkos, Mangu, and Barkin Ladi local government areas.

Mutfwang, acknowledging the prolonged nature of the killings on the Plateau, stressed the need for a comprehensive approach to address security challenges, emphasizing the risk of the country becoming another Somalia if the situation is not effectively tackled. He highlighted the existence of an economy built around insecurity and urged the identification of financiers and sources of illegal arms.

Former Speaker Dogara, leading a delegation to offer condolences, criticized President Bola Ahmed Tinubu’s handling of security challenges. Dogara urged the president to avoid the path taken by his predecessors, who merely mourned victims in press statements without taking decisive action. He called on Tinubu to employ every available coercive apparatus to locate perpetrators and sponsors of violence across the country.

In a separate development, a coalition of indigenous youth groups and ethnic nationalities in Plateau State demanded a thorough investigation into allegations of collusion between Sector 5 of Operation Safe Haven and Fulani terror groups. The coalition accused military personnel of harsh treatment and molestation of people in Bokkos after the massacre, urging the government to take action against looting and displacement.

The coalition’s chairman, Paul Dekete, expressed dissatisfaction with the local government chairmen’s non-commitment to security issues and called for the establishment and funding of local security outfits as early warning mechanisms. The coalition demanded accountability for the over 200 locals killed in Bokkos and raised concerns about armed Fulani militias in certain areas, calling on security agents to disarm them.

Efforts to obtain a reaction from Maj. Gen. Buba Edward, Director of Defence Media Operations, proved unsuccessful, as calls to his line went unanswered and messages on the matter remained unanswered as of the time of filing this report. The situation in Plateau State remains a focal point, raising critical questions about security measures and collaboration in addressing the escalating crisis.

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