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Governors deny Akpabio’s claim of N1.08tn disbursement for food crisis, call for transparency

Senate President's Assertion Disputed as States Reject Allegations of N30bn Allocation Amid Economic Strain

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Governors challenged assertions made by Senate President Godswill Akpabio, who claimed the Federal Government disbursed N1.08 trillion to states to mitigate the country’s food crisis. State leaders, including Seyi Makinde of Oyo State, refuted the notion during public addresses and interviews.

During the inauguration of a renovated central mosque in Oyo State, Governor Makinde, Vice-Chairman of the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, contested Akpabio’s claims, emphasizing that state governments did not receive N30bn allocations as alleged.

Officials from Lagos, Zamfara, Benue, Osun, Katsina, and Enugu corroborated Makinde’s statement, confirming their respective states did not receive such funds. The ongoing economic crisis, exacerbated by fuel subsidy removal and currency devaluation, has strained resources nationwide.

Akpabio’s statement during the senate plenary urged governors to utilize the alleged funds judiciously to combat rising food costs and other economic challenges. However, Makinde and other state representatives countered these assertions, urging transparency in financial matters.

Criticism extended to Sokoto State, where the People’s Democratic Party challenged Governor Ahmed Aliyu’s administration to transparently manage any funds allocated. The party condemned what they termed ’empty promises’ made during a recent gathering aimed at addressing the state’s economic hardships.

Despite these claims, officials from Sokoto and Kebbi denied receiving any such funds, echoing the sentiment that transparency and accountability are paramount in addressing Nigeria’s economic woes.

While allegations persist, the debate underscores the pressing need for clarity and accountability in financial matters amid Nigeria’s ongoing economic challenges.

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