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House of Representatives urges strict enforcement of traffic laws in Abuja

Calls for technology-driven tracking and charging of violators in the Federal Capital Territory

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The House of Representatives has called for robust measures to be taken against individuals who disobey traffic signals and other traffic laws in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. The House urged the Federal Capital Territory Administration to implement technologies that would facilitate the tracking and charging of individuals violating traffic laws within the FCT.

In order to ensure compliance, the House issued specific instructions to the Federal Capital Territory and the committee on the Federal Road Safety Commission. These resolutions were made following the adoption of a motion titled “Compelling Road Users to Obey Traffic Light Signals and Road Traffic Regulations in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja,” moved by Igariwey Enwo during Thursday’s plenary.

Expressing concern, the House emphasized that drivers in the Federal Capital Territory who ignore or fail to adhere to traffic signs not only endanger other road users but also disrupt the flow of traffic, leading to potential accidents. It highlighted VIP cars, bullion vans, motorcyclists, dispatch riders, tricyclists, and taxi cabs as some of the worst offenders when it comes to disregarding traffic control light signals.

The House reacted to alarming data from the National Bureau of Statistics, revealing that the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, now has the highest rate of car accidents in Nigeria. It emphasized the use of technology in various jurisdictions for tracking and detaining individuals who violate traffic laws, advocating for similar measures to be implemented in the FCT.

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