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Ijaw National Congress decries government inaction amidst rising hunger, Insecurity

Apex Socio-Cultural Group Highlights Dire Consequences of Ineffectual Response to Attacks on Farmers

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The Ijaw National Congress (INC) has issued a stark rebuke to the Federal Government, attributing the pervasive problem of hunger and economic hardship in Nigeria to its failure to effectively curb attacks and killings of farmers by bandits and kidnappers.

In a press release titled ‘Hunger in the Land: Resolve the insecurity challenge and create job opportunities for Nigerians,’ signed by its president, Prof. Benjamin Okaba, the apex pan-Ijaw socio-cultural organization expressed deep concern over the escalating inflation and soaring cost of living gripping the nation.

Okaba lamented the irony that while food insecurity plagues the entire country, the cries of hunger reverberate even more loudly in the Southwest, the region from which President Bola Tinubu hails.

“The resounding call of ‘ebi n pawa’ (we are hungry) echoes across the Yoruba area of the South West, highlighting a distressing reality that transcends ethnic boundaries,” Okaba remarked.

He underscored the INC’s observation that addressing food insecurity without tackling the root cause of general insecurity amounts to merely addressing symptoms while neglecting the fundamental issue.

The president raised poignant questions about the plight of subsistence farmers, traditionally the nation’s food providers, who face daily threats of violence, displacement, and death on their own farmlands.

“In the face of escalating insecurity, the Federal Government’s lack of decisive action against marauding bandits and criminals exacerbates the plight of helpless farmers,” Okaba emphasized.

He criticized the government’s perceived leniency towards murderous criminals, stressing the urgent need for robust measures to safeguard the lives and livelihoods of Nigerian farmers.

The INC’s statement serves as a clarion call for immediate and concerted efforts to address the intertwined challenges of hunger and insecurity plaguing the nation, urging the government to prioritize the safety and well-being of its citizens.

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