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Katsina governor reveals being targeted by bandits amidst soaring food prices

Governor Dikko Radda convenes emergency security meeting to address escalating food crisis and heightened security threats in Katsina State.

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Governor Dikko Radda of Katsina State sounded the alarm on Friday as he disclosed being among the prime targets of bandit attacks during an expanded emergency meeting of the State Security Council. Joined by key officials, including the Emirs of Katsina and Daura and heads of various security agencies, Radda underscored the gravity of the challenges facing the state.

Amidst a backdrop of soaring food prices and rampant food exports to neighboring nations, the governor emphasized the urgent need to tackle the crisis head-on. Radda highlighted the distressing reality of escalating food costs, warning of potential unrest and insecurity should the situation persist unchecked.

Expressing concern over traders exploiting currency differentials to profit from food exports, Radda painted a bleak picture of families struggling to afford basic necessities amidst spiraling prices. He pointed to reports of trailers laden with foodstuffs leaving the state, exacerbating the plight of ordinary citizens.

In a sobering revelation, Governor Radda disclosed the evolving tactics of bandits, who now target vulnerable populations with impunity. Despite acknowledging his own status as a potential target, Radda remained resolute in his commitment to safeguarding the state’s security.

As the emergency meeting delved into strategies to mitigate the dual crises of food insecurity and escalating banditry, Governor Radda called for collective action and vigilance. He urged communities to organize and defend themselves against bandit incursions while reaffirming faith in the state’s resilience.

Against a backdrop of mounting challenges, Governor Radda’s candid revelations underscored the pressing need for decisive action to protect the welfare and security of Katsina’s citizens.

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