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Kenya Police arrest Binance executive Nadeem Anjarwalla, set for extradition to Nigeria

International collaboration intensifies as Anjarwalla faces charges of financial misconduct

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In a collaborative effort between law enforcement agencies spanning across continents, the Kenya Police Service apprehended Nadeem Anjarwalla, a fugitive executive from cryptocurrency giant Binance. Sources within the government, speaking under the condition of anonymity due to the sensitive nature of the matter, disclosed that Anjarwalla’s arrest signals a significant breakthrough in the ongoing pursuit for justice.

Anjarwalla’s clandestine escape from Nigeria’s legal custody prompted a concerted international effort, with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), the International Criminal Police Organisation (INTERPOL), the Nigeria Police Force, and the Kenyan Police Service coordinating efforts to expedite his extradition. Government sources reiterated the commitment to swiftly return Anjarwalla to Nigeria to face charges.

The EFCC Chairman, Ola Olukoyede, underscored the gravity of the allegations against Binance, emphasizing the commission’s determination to combat financial malfeasance. Anjarwalla, alongside other key figures, faces accusations ranging from tax evasion to money laundering, amounting to a staggering $35.4 million. Olukoyede affirmed the collaborative approach with international counterparts, including INTERPOL, the United States’ Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and various national governments, to ensure accountability in the face of financial impropriety.

As Anjarwalla’s extradition proceedings unfold, the global cooperation underscores a resolute stance against financial crimes, reinforcing the imperative of cross-border collaboration in upholding financial integrity.

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