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Labour Party rift deepens as suspended treasurer denounces Abure’s re-election

Oluchi Opara criticizes secrecy and legitimacy of party convention, calls for unity amidst growing factionalism

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The Labour Party finds itself embroiled in further turmoil following the contentious re-election of Julius Abure as national chairman, a move vehemently opposed by the suspended National Treasurer, Mrs. Oluchi Opara.

Abure secured his second term as chairman during the recent convention held in Nnewi, Anambra State, amidst staunch support from delegates. However, his leadership has been marred by ongoing conflicts with the Joe Ajaero-led Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), escalating tensions over party control.

The NLC’s call for Abure’s resignation, coupled with their appeal to the Independent National Electoral Commission to disavow support for the party’s National Convention, underscores the deep divisions within Labour’s ranks.

Reacting to the convention, Opara expressed vehement disapproval, denouncing the proceedings as shrouded in secrecy and lacking in transparency. In an interview on Thursday, she cast doubt on the legitimacy of the gathering, characterizing it as a mere assembly of Abure’s supporters rather than a bona fide political convention.

“It was a gathering of Abure’s support group. Was there a political convention? Where on earth did you ever hear that a convention is held in secrecy? There was never a convention. It was a support group that came together to think or plan for the way forward of whatever the support group was building,” Opara asserted.

Despite the discord, Opara implored the party leadership and disgruntled members to recalibrate their perspectives and collaborate with the newly re-elected chairman. Emphasizing adherence to party rules, electoral laws, and the constitution, she urged unity in the face of internal strife.

“We don’t have any fear. We have finished our convention and now we are not going to engage anybody except to find a way to resolve whatever differences that we have,” Opara affirmed, signaling a commitment to overcoming factionalism and steering the Labour Party towards cohesion.

As tensions simmer within the party, the path forward remains uncertain, with divergent factions vying for influence and control amidst an increasingly fractious political landscape.

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