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Lagos State vows stringent enforcement against illegal mining, dredging

The Lagos government takes a firm stand to prosecute violators and curb illegitimate activities in the wake of the recent tragedy in Ibadan.

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The Lagos State Government, through the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, has issued a resolute pledge to crack down on illegal mining and dredging within the state. The Special Adviser to the Governor on Energy and Mineral Resources, Abiola Olowu, articulated this commitment in a statement on Friday, affirming the government’s intent to enforce existing laws and prosecute those found in violation.

Olowu conveyed, “As part of the drive to curb illegality in the solid minerals, mining sectors, toll fee, and revenue points, the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Office of Mineral Resources, has commenced a scheduled visitation exercise to all the dredging, mining, toll, and revenue points across the five divisions of Lagos State.”

The initiative, initiated on Monday, January 8, 2024, targets the reduction of illegalities in the solid minerals and mining sectors across the state. The administration, led by Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu, is poised to implement the enforcement of all pertinent laws governing mining and dredging activities in the region.

Olowu sternly warned, “Anyone caught violating the set rules, laws, and guidelines of dredging and mining in the state will be prosecuted. Therefore, we urge all the dredgers and miners across the state to obtain all necessary permits and regularize their operations with the Office of Mineral Resources.”

This decisive directive follows a recent explosion in Ibadan on Tuesday, attributed to the activities of illegal miners, resulting in the tragic loss of at least four lives. The Lagos State Government’s firm stance aims to prevent such incidents and maintain stringent adherence to regulatory frameworks in the mining and dredging sectors.

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