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Lead British International School Abuja shut down amid bullying controversy

Minister's Intervention Prompts Three-Day Shutdown Following Viral Videos

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Lead British International School Abuja, embroiled in controversy following viral videos depicting incidents of bullying among its students, has been ordered to shut down for three days. The directive, issued on Tuesday by the Minister of Women Affairs, Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, underscores growing concerns over student welfare and school safety.

Confirmation of the shutdown came from Kabiru Musa, the Public Relations Officer of the FCT Education Secretariat, following inquiries regarding the closure. “Yes, it was shut down by the honourable Minister of Women Affairs for 3 days,” Musa affirmed in response to queries from our correspondents.

The closure follows the circulation of disturbing footage on social media, including one shared by a user identified as @moooyeeeee, depicting a female student being subjected to repeated slapping by a fellow classmate. Outrage over the incident has been palpable, with calls for justice echoing across various online platforms.

In a subsequent development, a third video surfaced on Tuesday, portraying male students in the school uniform surrounding another boy, seemingly in a state of distress. The footage captures a distressing scene where the victim is slapped while on his knees, prompting appeals from onlookers to intervene.

Amid mounting pressure, the Minister’s intervention prompted the temporary closure of Lead British International School Abuja. In remarks captured during the ministerial visit, a representative of the school acknowledged the directive, emphasizing compliance with regulatory frameworks governing educational institutions in the Federal Capital Territory.

The unfolding situation has ignited broader discussions about the prevalence of bullying within private schools across the FCT. While the immediate focus remains on addressing concerns within Lead British International School, questions linger regarding the broader landscape of student welfare and disciplinary measures within educational institutions.

As investigations unfold and dialogue persists, the closure serves as a stark reminder of the imperative to uphold standards of safety and accountability within Nigeria’s educational sector.

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