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LG donates solar-powered borehole to Gudu community in Abuja

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Global leader in technology and innovation, LG Electronics has joined the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation in the global celebration of the United Nations World Water Day by donating a solar-powered borehole to the Gudu Community in Abuja.

The theme of this year’s United Nations World Water Day is ‘Water for Peace’, emphasizing the vital significance of water in ensuring the stability and prosperity of our world.

A series of events took place to celebrate this special day from the Peace walk around FCT to the special press conference with all the relevant partners, international NGOs, Federal Ministries representatives, and private corporations.

Speaking at the commissioning of the solar-powered borehole, the Minister, Prof. Joseph Terlumun Utsev said; “We are extremely happy to celebrate yet another World Water Day with everybody and in particular with the donation of this borehole which is most significant of the celebration. The Gudu Community is grateful for this”.

“All year round we sensitize and celebrate the day to bring attention to one of the leading environmental issues, the scarcity of water.” Water is life, and we cannot even imagine our life without water. Water means a lot to us more than just quenching our thirst, but it plays the role of a vital component of human development; This day provides us an opportunity to think about this issue and how we can make a difference.”

The Minister additionally said, “Around 2 billion people around the world do not have access to clean and safe drinking water, and approximately 3.6 billion people – 46% of the world’s population – lack adequate sanitation services, according to a new United Nations World Water Development Report released. This is a major contributor to the spread of waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid, and diarrhea”.

Prof. Utsev added, “In Nigeria, approximately 60 million people lack access to safe water sources, leading to numerous health challenges and impeding socio-economic development.” Hence we need to keep appealing to corporate organizations such as what LG Electronics has done today to provide good drinking water for vulnerable communities like Gudu and all across the country so we can gradually reduce the numbers”.

Also at the event, the Managing Director, LG Electronics, Mr. Hyoung Sub Ji thanked the Ministry for the opportunity to collaborate with them to contribute to the community. He said the relevance of LG’s slogan cannot be over-emphasized which is “Life’s Good” With good drinking water people can live and have a good life. This is what has prompted us to do this” he said.

Mr. Ji advised, “This year, we at LG are proud to align with the theme of Water for Peace. We urge other corporate organizations to collaborate with relevant institutions in combating the scarcity of clean water, which tragically leads to the premature deaths of vulnerable children and adults nationwide. Together, through partnership and collective action, we can make a significant impact on ensuring access to safe and clean water for all. Let us work hand in hand towards a future where every individual has the basic human right to clean water, promoting health, peace, and prosperity in our communities.”

Present at the celebration are WaterAid, United Nations International Children (UNICEF), Education Fund (UNICEF), UNESCO, Action Against Hunger, Gillmor Engineering Nigeria Limited, FORDMAX Nig. Limited, CGC Nigeria Limited, Food and Agricultural Organization, (FAO), Borehole Drillers Association of Nigeria (BODAN), Nigeria Hydrological Services Agency (NIHSA), and other relevant ministry representatives

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