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MediaTek and Airtel Nigeria collaborate to boost mobile connectivity

Groundbreaking partnership to advance technology and connectivity in Nigeria

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In a significant collaboration, MediaTek, a leading global semiconductor company powering nearly 2 billion connected devices annually, has joined forces with Airtel Nigeria, a prominent telecommunications service provider. The partnership aims to drive technological advancements and elevate mobile connectivity across Nigeria, integrating millions into the digital economy.

At the core of this collaboration is MediaTek’s T750-powered Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), a cutting-edge technology designed to enhance internet connectivity. The T750 enables users to access high-speed 5G networks from their homes, revolutionizing remote work, online education, gaming, and entertainment streaming.

Boasting impressive out-of-the-box 5G speeds of up to 4.7Gbps, the T750 competes with or surpasses traditional fixed-line services, utilizing existing cellular infrastructure and eliminating the need for costly cable or fiber installations.

Rami Osman, Director for Corporate Sales and Marketing at MediaTek Middle East and Africa, expressed the collaborative vision, stating, “Our collaboration with Airtel Nigeria focuses on enhancing high-speed internet access through advanced chipsets, offering a wider range of premium and flagship devices while supporting the transition from feature phones to smartphones, and exploring innovative AI-IoT solutions. This collaboration will drive digital inclusion, revolutionize connectivity in Nigeria, and contribute to sustainable development goals.”

Ismail Adeshina, Director of Marketing at Airtel Nigeria, highlighted the significance of the partnership in providing affordable connectivity to Nigerians, emphasizing their commitment to innovation and proactive investment in 5G technology.

MediaTek, renowned for powering globally recognized brands, remains dedicated to delivering state-of-the-art innovations across various domains, including smartphones, smart devices, automotive technology, satellite connectivity solutions, and next-generation wearables. Their extensive product portfolio encompasses technologies like MediaTek Dimensity for 5G smartphones, MediaTek HelioG series for 4G gaming smartphones, and MediaTek Filogic for advanced Wi-Fi solutions.

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