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Medical Residents in Ondo commence warning strike over unpaid salaries

Protesters Demand Compensation and Address Clinical Manpower Shortage Amidst Financial Crisis

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The Association of Resident Doctors at the University of Medical Sciences Teaching Hospital (UNIMEDTH) in Ondo State has initiated a 14-day warning strike to protest the non-payment of seven months’ salaries to their newly recruited members, signaling mounting discontent within the healthcare sector.

In a show of defiance, members of the association staged a compact protest within the hospital premises on Tuesday, signaling their intent to disrupt operations at the government-owned medical facility if their grievances remain unaddressed.

During the protest, Dr. John Matthew, President of the UNIMEDTH Association of Resident Doctors, voiced their frustration to journalists, highlighting the dire financial situation faced by their members. He emphasized the pressing need for the full settlement of salary arrears, along with the prompt disbursement of the February 2024 palliative to house officers.

Moreover, the doctors demanded the immediate payment of February’s hazard allowance, stressing the urgency of addressing the severe shortage of clinical manpower within the institution.

Dr. Matthew underscored the relentless dedication of their members, who continue to diligently serve despite the absence of adequate compensation and staff due to what he termed the “Japa syndrome.”

The strike comes amidst a broader call from the state chapter of the Nigeria Medical Association urging the government to urgently rectify the shortage of resident doctors across state-owned healthcare facilities, highlighting the critical need for sustainable solutions to mitigate the growing crisis within the healthcare system.

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