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MTN Nigeria hits milestones in workplace equality, family-friendly policies

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MTN Nigeria, a leading technology company, has garnered recognition for its unwavering commitment to promoting workplace equality and implementing family-friendly policies. The organization’s dedication to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and its supportive environment for working parents have been acknowledged through various accolades.

MTN Nigeria recently achieved the Economic Dividends for Gender Equality (EDGE) MOVE certification, making it the first technology telecommunications company in Africa to receive this prestigious recognition. This certification is a globally recognized standard for DE&I, highlighting MTN’s proactive efforts to address gender disparities and create a more inclusive work environment.

With over 250 organizations spanning 57 countries and 27 sectors, including the World Bank Group, International Finance Corporation, Deloitte Switzerland AG, and UNICEF, among others, the EDGE MOVE certification places MTN Nigeria at the forefront of companies committed to fostering workplace equality.

In addition to the EDGE MOVE certification, MTN Nigeria has been commended for its exemplary leadership in implementing family-friendly policies. The company’s dedication to supporting working parents was highlighted at the NECA Network of Entrepreneurial Women (NNEW) event, held in partnership with Alive & Thrive.

The event, which celebrated World Breastfeeding Week under the theme ‘Enabling Breastfeeding: Making a Difference for Working Parents,’ recognized MTN’s family-friendly policies. These policies include provisions like the company’s Creche, Hybrid Work Module, Flexible Work Time, 6-month Paid Maternity Leave, Adoption and Surrogacy Support, Miscarriage and Paternity Leave, and non-discrimination in the recruitment of pregnant female employees, among others.

Esther Akinnukawe, Chief Human Resources Officer at MTN Nigeria, expressed pride in the company’s accomplishments, stating, “These recognitions underscore our dedication to fostering a supportive work environment. We are proud to have received the EDGE MOVE certification as the pioneer technology telecommunications company in Africa and the second in Sub-Saharan Africa to attain this. Our recognition by NNEW acknowledges our ongoing commitment to fostering an environment where every employee can excel and succeed.”

MTN Nigeria’s continuous efforts reflect its commitment to creating an inclusive workplace that values diversity, supports working parents, and champions gender equality.

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