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N1.2bn stolen crude intercepted as Defence Headquarters vows to thwart small-scale terrorist attacks

Major General Edward Buba Details Military Successes, Unveiling a Week of Prowess Against Insurgents and Illicit Refining Operations

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On Thursday, the Defence Headquarters disclosed that in the past fortnight, military forces successfully intercepted stolen crude oil amounting to a staggering N1.2bn. This announcement came coupled with a resolute commitment to neutralize the capacity of terrorists aiming to execute minor-scale attacks on vulnerable targets.

Major General Edward Buba, the Director of Defence Media Operations, addressed journalists in Abuja, offering insights into the military’s endeavors over the preceding two weeks. Maj. Gen. Buba emphasized the efficacy of ongoing counter-terrorism and counter-insurgency operations, thwarting the nefarious intentions of these malevolent elements.

In the course of their operations, the troops exhibited commendable prowess, eliminating 73 terrorists, apprehending 182 individuals, and effecting the liberation of 68 hostages within a week. Notably, the military’s initiatives extended beyond combating insurgents, as they meticulously identified and dismantled 63 illicit refining sites. The extensive haul included the discovery of 15 dugout pits, 45 boats, 87 storage tanks, 128 cooking ovens, one pumping machine, and four outboard engines. Additionally, 14 suspected oil thieves were apprehended in the process.

The military’s vigilant efforts yielded a recovery of 962,500 litres of pilfered crude oil, along with 35,420 litres of illegally refined AGO, 38,450 litres of DPK, and 45,000 litres of PMS. The estimated value of these seized assets amounted to an astonishing N1,212,046,140. In a further display of efficacy, troops reclaimed 119 assorted weapons and 1,537 assorted ammunitions during the specified timeframe.

The Defence Headquarters remains resolute in its commitment to degrading the capabilities of those orchestrating small-scale attacks, thereby forestalling the propagation of panic within local communities

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