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NASS jerks up works ministry budget to N1trillion

A significant increase of 56.7% in allocation signals a commitment to address road infrastructure challenges in Nigeria

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In a move aimed at bolstering infrastructure development, the National Assembly has approved a substantial rise in the budgetary allocation to the Ministry of Works. The allocation, initially proposed at N657.3bn, has been elevated to N1.03tn, marking an impressive increase of N373bn, or 56.7%, from the initial figure in the appropriation bill. Moreover, this represents a remarkable 65.4% surge from the approved amount in the 2023 budget.

The Ministry of Works shoulders the responsibility of repairing and maintaining an extensive network of over 33,000 kilometres of federal government roads across the country. The approved budget highlights that the substantial increase is primarily attributed to the upward adjustment of its capital budget from N617.9bn to N987.3bn.

This bold move by the National Assembly underscores a commitment to addressing the longstanding challenges faced by Nigeria’s road infrastructure. The significant budgetary augmentation reflects a concerted effort to invest in crucial projects that will enhance connectivity and contribute to the overall development of the nation.

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