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National Identity Commission clarifies new multipurpose identity card as single unified solution

NIMC Addresses Misconceptions Regarding the Integrated National Identity Card

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The National Identity Management Commission (NIMC) has clarified misconceptions surrounding the new national identity card, emphasizing that it is a unified, multipurpose card designed to streamline various functions into a single entity, rather than three separate cards.

Kayode Adegoke, Head of Corporate Communications at NIMC, provided insights into the features of the proposed General Multipurpose National Identity Card (GMPC) in a statement titled “Key Facts About the Proposed New General Multipurpose National Identity Card,” released on Friday.

Announced on April 5, the collaboration between NIMC, the Central Bank of Nigeria, and the Nigeria Inter-bank Settlement System aims to introduce a versatile card with integrated payment functionality for diverse social and financial services.

Contrary to earlier perceptions, the new national ID card consolidates multiple functions into one comprehensive solution. Adegoke highlighted its versatility, encompassing payment and financial services, government interventions, travel, and more.

Applicants can request the GMPC using their National Identification Number (NIN) through the self-service online portal, NIMC offices, or affiliated banks. The issuance process aligns with established protocols for debit and credit card issuance, with applicants having the option to collect the card from designated centers or request delivery to a preferred location at an additional cost.

Importantly, the GMPC adheres to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards, positioning it as Nigeria’s primary national identity card. NIMC underscores its potential to facilitate access to government intervention programs, particularly for individuals lacking access to traditional social and financial services.

As NIMC advances efforts to modernize identity management and expand financial inclusion, the GMPC represents a significant milestone in streamlining administrative processes and enhancing access to essential services for all citizens.

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