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National power grid stabilizes, restoring electricity generation amid recent collapse

After Nationwide Blackout, Power Generation Resumes, Reaching 3,707.91 Megawatts; TCN Upgrades Substations to Enhance Transmission Capacity

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Following a nationwide collapse of the power grid on Sunday, which plunged electricity generation to a mere 59.9 megawatts (MW), the national power system rebounded on Monday, with generation levels fluctuating between 3,000 MW and 3,707.91 MW from 1 a.m. to 8 p.m.

The Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) reported a significant improvement in grid performance, indicating a swift recovery from the outage that triggered widespread blackouts across the country. Data from TCN revealed a substantial increase in power generation, marking a crucial turnaround from the previous day’s disruptions.

In a bid to enhance transmission capacity and bolster the resilience of the power infrastructure, TCN announced the successful upgrade and energization of transformers at its Benin Transmission Substation and Ihovbor Work Centre. The completion of these upgrades represents a significant milestone in the efforts to fortify Nigeria’s power transmission network.

At the Benin Transmission Substation, TCN completed and energized a new 100MVA, 132/33kV power transformer, augmenting the substation’s capacity from 240MVA to 300MVA. Similarly, at the Ihovbor Work Center, a 100MVA power transformer was energized, expanding the capacity from 120MVA to 160MVA.

The energized transformers will facilitate increased bulk power supply to distribution companies, empowering them to deliver electricity more reliably to consumers. TCN emphasized that these initiatives, supported by collaborative efforts with the World Bank, signify a concerted commitment to enhance power transmission nationwide.

Assuring electricity consumers of continued efforts to improve service delivery, TCN reaffirmed its dedication to increasing bulk power transmission to distribution companies across the country. The upgrades underscore the imperative of modernizing Nigeria’s power infrastructure to meet the growing demands of its populace and foster socio-economic development.

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