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NCC chief urges proactive approach to telecoms industry risks at Lagos conference

Dr. Aminu Maida, NCC Executive Vice Chairman, Urges Collaboration and Innovation in Addressing Emerging Technologies and Trends

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In a compelling address at the “Telecoms Industry Risk Management Conference” held at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Lagos, Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman and CEO of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), emphasized the critical importance of effective risk management in navigating the evolving landscape of the telecommunications industry.

Speaking to a distinguished audience comprising risk experts, academia, financial institutions, and telecommunications professionals, Dr. Maida underscored the theme of the conference, “Evolution and Future Risk Management in the Telecoms Industry: Harnessing Emerging Technologies and Trends.”

Against the backdrop of rapid technological advancements and the dawn of 6G technology, Dr. Maida highlighted the pivotal role of proactive risk management in addressing the unprecedented opportunities and challenges presented by emerging technologies. He emphasized the need for collaboration among regulators, industry players, and stakeholders to foster innovation while ensuring the security and stability of telecom infrastructure.

Dr. Maida articulated the NCC’s commitment to facilitating an environment conducive to innovation and resilience in the telecom sector. He advocated for a shift from reactive measures to proactive risk mitigation strategies, leveraging data-driven insights and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence to predict, detect, and respond to risks in real-time.

The address emphasized the imperative of building a culture of risk awareness and empowering industry professionals with the knowledge and skills to identify and address evolving threats. Dr. Maida urged stakeholders to anticipate and prepare for the opportunities and risks associated with the evolution towards 6G and beyond, ensuring that the telecoms industry remains at the forefront of technological innovation.

In conclusion, Dr. Maida expressed gratitude to conference attendees and urged collective action in shaping a resilient and future-proof telecom industry. The conference serves as a platform for insightful discussions and collaborative efforts aimed at navigating the complexities of the digital era while harnessing the transformative potential of emerging technologies.

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