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NCC’s Maida commits regulator to balancing regulatory measures for a thriving industry

NCC's Executive Vice Chairman Emphasizes Vital Role of Competition in Telecom Sector Growth

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In a meeting with Airtel Networks Limited, Dr. Aminu Maida, the Executive Vice Chairman of the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), underscored the pivotal role of competition in fostering the robust development of the telecommunications sector.

Maida, addressing the delegation in Abuja on Wednesday, expressed the NCC’s commitment to closely managing competition, emphasizing a dedication to creating a level playing field for all licensees.

“We are more inclined to promote competition by creating a level-playing ground for all our licensees,” Maida affirmed, highlighting the Commission’s focus on balancing regulatory measures for sustainable industry growth.

The NCC boss acknowledged the challenges posed by the escalating cost of business across sectors and outlined the Commission’s cautious approach to avoid over-regulation, recognizing its adverse effects on fostering healthy competition within the industry.

“The NCC has recently undertaken the review of all categories of licenses, both class and individual, with a view to ensuring that our licensees are still able to work well within their capital and operating expenditure (COPEX),” Maida added.

During the visit, Maida stressed the importance of a win-win regulatory approach and framework to ensure the industry’s long-term viability. He emphasized the need for collaboration between the NCC and telecom companies to develop strategies that align with national objectives, including the Renewed Hope Agenda.

“It’s critical for the NCC and telcos to develop win-win strategies for the Nigerian telecom industry so that everybody gets value. The Minister has a blueprint, the President has the Renewed Hope Agenda, and they need to achieve it while telcos need to deliver value to the customers,” Maida highlighted.

The Airtel Networks Limited delegation, led by CEO Carl Cruz, commended the EVC for his appointment and Senate confirmation. While acknowledging the NCC’s efforts in implementing competition regulatory policies and frameworks, Cruz emphasized the necessity of sustaining such measures to ensure a healthy and competitive environment for telecom licensees.

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