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NDLEA chairman Marwa issues stern warning against sabotage in battle against drug abuse

Buba Marwa Emphasizes Ethics and Commitment as 2,500 Officers Join the Frontlines Against Illicit Substances

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Buba Marwa, the Chairman of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), issued a stark warning against internal sabotage in the renewed effort to combat substance abuse and illicit drug trafficking in Nigeria. The caution came during the passing-out ceremony of 2,500 cadets from Senior Officers Basic Course 16 at the NDLEA Academy in Jos, Plateau State.

In his address, Marwa emphasized the critical nature of the recruits’ roles and the uncompromising stance required in the fight against drugs. The NDLEA Chairman underscored the significance of the ceremony, marking the completion of adding 5,000 personnel to the agency’s workforce. He charged the newly trained officers to make a tangible impact in their roles.

Addressing the recruits, Marwa stated, “I must prepare your minds for the task ahead of you. The duties are such that there is no room for compromising the ethics of your profession or subverting the goals of the organisation.” He highlighted the intensified interdiction efforts against cannabis, opioids, and other psychoactive substances, stressing that the agency cannot afford to decelerate its efforts and will not tolerate sabotage from within.

Describing the passing-out ceremony as a manifestation of the ongoing restructuring within the agency, Marwa expressed confidence that the influx of 5,000 officers would significantly boost the fight against the abuse and trafficking of illicit substances. He acknowledged the sacrifices, loyalty, and discipline demanded by the profession, asserting that the newly trained officers were crucial components in maintaining law and order within society.

As the NDLEA reinforces its ranks, the focus on maintaining ethical standards and a collective commitment to the cause remains paramount in the battle against the pervasive issue of drug abuse.

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