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NERC imposes sanctions on power distribution companies over billing infractions

NERC announces a deduction of N10.5 billion from annual revenues of 11 power distribution firms for non-compliance with capping estimated bills.

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In a bid to address the ongoing concerns of excessive billing for unmetered customers, the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has taken decisive action against 11 power distribution companies. NERC revealed plans to deduct N10,505,286,072 from the firms’ annual allowed revenues during the next tariff review. The sanctions come in response to the companies overbilling customers, amounting to approximately N105 billion between January and September 2023.

NERC specified that the penalties aim to deter future non-compliance with the monthly energy caps set by the commission. The regulatory measures include a mandatory credit adjustment to refund overbilled, unmetered customers for the specified period. The commission has also directed the distribution companies to publish the list of credit adjustment beneficiaries in national dailies and on their websites by March 31, 2024.

Amid widespread complaints from electricity consumers about excessive estimated bills, NERC’s actions underscore its commitment to regulatory compliance and consumer protection within the Nigerian electricity supply industry. The announcement reinforces the commission’s efforts to ensure fair billing practices and protect the rights of consumers nationwide.

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