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Nigeria is set to harness 1,268 megawatts of power from new hydropower projects

Government Pursues Public-Private Partnerships to Address Power Shortages and Debt Challenges

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The Federal Government of Nigeria is set to harness 1,268 megawatts of power through the development of eight brown and green field hydropower projects, signaling a significant stride in the nation’s efforts to address its enduring energy crisis.

Amidst persistent challenges in power generation and supply, the government is spearheading the concession and construction of hydropower plants through public-private partnerships (PPP), aiming to diversify energy sources and mitigate dependence on gas-powered plants.

According to documents obtained from the Federal Ministry of Water Resources and Sanitation in Abuja, the government is proactively engaging in the development and concession of hydropower projects to bolster electricity production across the country.

Despite facing substantial setbacks in power generation, exacerbated by gas supply disruptions and mounting debts in the energy sector, Nigeria’s concerted investment in hydropower infrastructure underscores a strategic shift towards sustainable and reliable energy solutions.

In a statement presented to the National Council on Water Resources and Sanitation, Minister of Water Resources and Sanitation, Prof. Joseph Utsev, highlighted the progress achieved in various hydropower initiatives across the nation.

Key developments include the successful concession of projects such as the Dadinkowa Hydropower Project in Gombe State, the Gurara Hydropower Plant in Kaduna State, and the Kashimbila Hydropower Plant in Taraba State, among others.

Furthermore, the government is actively pursuing the development of additional hydropower projects, including the Gurara Phase II, Manya, Bawaku, Katsina-Ala, and Farin Ruwa plants, reflecting a comprehensive strategy to expand Nigeria’s electricity capacity.

In tandem with hydropower advancements, the Federal Government has initiated efforts to divest certain power plants to raise capital and bolster energy production. Transactions for the sale of five power plants under the National Integrated Power Projects are underway, marking a pivotal step towards enhancing the nation’s power infrastructure.

As Nigeria navigates its energy landscape amidst economic challenges and infrastructure deficits, the government’s commitment to hydropower development and privatization endeavors underscores a concerted drive to alleviate electricity shortages and foster sustainable growth in the power sector.

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