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Nigerian Deputy Speaker applauds President Tinubu’s efforts to strengthen Ties with Netherlands

Benjamin Kalu Highlights Economic Prospects and Bilateral Cooperation at Dutch King's Birthday Celebration

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Benjamin Kalu, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, lauded President Bola Tinubu’s recent inauguration of the Nigerian-Dutch Business and Investment Forum in The Hague, Netherlands, expressing optimism about bolstering economic relations between Nigeria and the Netherlands. Speaking at the celebration of King Willem-Alexander’s birthday in Abuja, Kalu emphasized the importance of fostering cooperation and friendship between the two nations.

In his address, Kalu extended warm congratulations and best wishes to King Willem-Alexander on behalf of the House of Representatives and the Nigerian people. He underscored the longstanding friendship and mutual respect shared between Nigeria and the Netherlands, highlighting the Netherlands’ support for Nigeria’s development endeavors over the years.

Kalu hailed the recent inauguration of the Nigerian-Dutch Business and Investment Forum as a significant milestone in strengthening economic ties. He emphasized the forum’s role in promoting collaboration and partnerships, particularly in agriculture and water management, setting a new foundation for enhanced cooperation between the two countries.

Reflecting on President Tinubu’s commitment to economic reform, Kalu praised efforts to create a business-friendly environment through measures such as foreign exchange market reforms and fuel subsidy removal. He expressed confidence in the administration’s dedication to implementing reforms aimed at fostering transparent and seamless business transactions.

As celebrations marked King Willem-Alexander’s birthday, Kalu reaffirmed Nigeria’s commitment to deepening bilateral relations with the Kingdom of the Netherlands. He emphasized the shared vision of a prosperous, sustainable, and peaceful future for both nations, urging continued collaboration towards common objectives.

Kalu also commended the efforts of Netherlands Ambassador to Nigeria, Mr. Wouter Plomp, in strengthening diplomatic ties and promoting economic cooperation between the two countries. He praised Plomp’s leadership and vision, acknowledging his instrumental role in deepening bilateral relations and fostering mutual understanding.

In closing, Kalu reiterated Nigeria’s dedication to advancing cooperation with the Netherlands, underscoring the potential for shared prosperity and growth through sustained partnership. As both nations navigate the complexities of global economics, Kalu’s remarks underscored a commitment to building bridges and forging lasting friendships on the international stage.

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