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Northern Youth Association endorses Plateau State Speaker for transformative leadership

Rt. Hon. Gabriel Dewan Praised for Unifying Plateau House of Assembly and Inspiring Nigerian Youths

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Baban Khalid

In a press release issued on Easter Sunday, the Northern Youth Association of Nigeria expressed unwavering confidence in the leadership capabilities of Rt. Hon. Gabriel Dewan, Speaker of the Plateau State House of Assembly, lauding his efforts in driving socio-economic, political, and cultural development in the state and beyond.

National President Comrade Godiya T. Adams Bogoro highlighted Dewan’s remarkable achievements since assuming office in November 2023, emphasizing his role in fostering unity and effective governance within the Plateau House of Assembly. The association noted a renewed commitment among assembly members to deliver quality representation and uphold democratic principles for the benefit of Plateau State residents.

Bogoro underscored the significance of Dewan’s leadership in providing inspiration and hope for Nigerian youths, asserting that his tenure symbolizes the enduring relevance of youth participation in democratic processes. Describing Dewan as a “beacon of hope,” Bogoro praised the Speaker’s dedication to serving the youth and marginalized communities, emphasizing his profound impact on society.

The 10th Assembly of Plateau State, under Dewan’s stewardship, has been commended for its legislative initiatives aimed at improving citizens’ lives. Bogoro highlighted the assembly’s role in enacting transformative legislation and ensuring effective oversight of the executive branch, signaling a resurgence of progress and optimism in Plateau State.

The Northern Youth Association reaffirmed its steadfast support for Rt. Hon. Gabriel Dewan and the entire 10th Assembly of Plateau State, citing their exemplary leadership and commitment to advancing the interests of the people. As Dewan emerges as a role model for Nigerian youths, the association pledged continued solidarity and advocacy for visionary leadership across the country.

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