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Patricia Technologies unveils extended repayment plan following cybersecurity breach

Cryptocurrency firm Patricia Technologies commits to a two to five-year repayment strategy for customers affected by a recent high-profile hacking incident

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In response to the recent breach of its platform by high-profile hackers, cryptocurrency company Patricia Technologies Limited has unveiled an extended repayment plan, spanning two to five years, for customers who suffered financial losses. The company, which swiftly reported the breach to the cybercrime unit of the Nigeria Police Force, announced the initiative in a press statement released in Lagos on Wednesday.

The phased repayment regime, introduced as a careful sequel to the initial repayment exercise launched in November 2023, aims to manage customer expectations while facilitating the recovery of stolen funds from the arrested suspects. Patricia Technologies emphasized its commitment to ensuring that every customer receives their full and rightful payments within the stipulated timeframe, demonstrating the company’s determination to fulfill its financial obligations.

The statement highlighted Patricia Technologies’ efforts to enhance cybersecurity, stating that the Patricia Plus platform is undergoing a redesign to fortify security measures. The anticipated AI-enabled system, set to go live in Q2 2024, seeks to provide users with a simpler and more efficient experience, with a focus on reducing operational burdens.

Despite the setback caused by the breach, Patricia Technologies affirmed its dedication to supporting users in the crypto space throughout 2024 and 2025. The company pledged to share opportunities such as airdrops, staking, and Defi, allowing users to convert them into US dollars. Patricia Technologies plans to fully implement this initiative by Q2 of this year.

Acknowledging the challenging situation, the company emphasized its commitment to rebuilding trust through concrete actions. Patricia Technologies assured customers of continuous communication and engagement, with a dedicated website in development to streamline information about the repayment regime. The company expressed gratitude to loyal customers for their understanding and unwavering trust, emphasizing its determination to emerge from the crisis more resilient than ever.

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