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PDP calls for constitutional amendment to delay president’s swearing-in pending election petition resolutions

Party urges restructuring amidst economic crisis and escalating insecurity, emphasizing need for proactive governance

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Debo Ologunagba, the National Publicity Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), has advocated for a constitutional amendment aimed at postponing the swearing-in of a newly-elected president until all election petitions have been resolved by the court.

In an interview on Wednesday, Ologunagba highlighted the detrimental impact of unresolved election petitions on governance, citing the case of President Bola Tinubu’s administration, where the initial seven months were marred by legal distractions, hindering effective governance and exacerbating the current economic crisis.

“During the first seven months of this administration, we were in court, so the government did not function; it was preoccupied with protecting itself. Consequently, in a four-year tenure, we lost nine months to litigation,” Ologunagba stated, underscoring the need for structural reforms to prevent such delays in future administrations.

Amidst the backdrop of rising insecurity and economic challenges, Ologunagba emphasized the timeliness of restructuring the country, asserting that it was imperative to address fundamental issues contributing to the nation’s instability.

“There is hardship and insecurity because the government was not active… We need to address true federalism. Why should local governments be enshrined in the constitution? This fosters incompetence, favoritism, and complacency,” Ologunagba remarked, advocating for a more equitable distribution of resources and responsibilities among states and local governments.

Expressing the PDP’s commitment to restructuring, Ologunagba emphasized the need for tangible actions beyond rhetoric, urging stakeholders to prioritize the implementation of restructuring measures to address Nigeria’s diverse linguistic, religious, and ethnic landscape.

“Restructuring has always been the stance of the PDP. It will instill a sense of ownership and belonging across all sectors,” Ologunagba asserted, calling for bipartisan cooperation and decisive action to navigate the country’s multifaceted challenges effectively.

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