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Police achieves breakthrough in Patricia Technologies cybercrime, key suspect apprehended

Major Development as Investigations Uncover Intricate Conspiracy and Recovery of Over 607 Million Naira

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In a significant stride against cybercrime, the Nigeria Police Force has made a breakthrough in the case involving the reported theft from cryptocurrency trading platform Patricia Technologies. After an exhaustive investigation by the National Cybercrime Center of the Nigeria Police (NPF-NCCC), one of the key suspects, Wilfred Bonse, has been apprehended.

Earlier this year, Patricia Technologies lodged a petition with the Inspector General of Police, reporting the alleged theft that led to the suspension of its cryptocurrency trading platform. The breach resulted in the loss of funds from depositors, prompting the firm to seek justice.

The investigations unearthed a comprehensive criminal conspiracy involving the unauthorized modification of computer systems and network data. The alleged theft amounted to over 607 million naira, which included the conversion of cryptocurrency wallets and the unauthorized diversion of funds from Patricia Technologies’ Flutterwave account.

Wilfred Bonse emerged as a central figure in this intricate crime, conspiring with others to fraudulently divert the substantial amount from Patricia Technologies’ account to his bank account via a cryptocurrency wallet.

Hanu Fejiro, CEO of Patricia Technologies, expressed immense relief at the conclusion of the police investigation and the arrest of one of the perpetrators. He stated, ‚ÄúThis is a big relief. We have finally been vindicated, as not a few disbelieved that our platform was hacked in the first place. But thanks to the diligence of the Nigerian Police and the unwavering commitment of my colleagues, we are delighted that our customers now have more reason to continue to trust us. The dark days are over.”

Fejiro highlighted the commitment of Patricia Technologies to transparency and responsibility, assuring customers of a renewed and strengthened platform with enhanced security measures.

With the platform relaunched on Monday, November 20, and the first phase of repaying depositors initiated, Patricia Technologies looks ahead with optimism. While other co-conspirators remain at large, the Nigeria Police Force assures the public of ongoing efforts to bring all involved in this criminal conspiracy to justice.

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