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Quality of service non-negotiable: NCC chief calls for industry collaboration

Dr. Aminu Maida, NCC CEO, Emphasizes Collaboration and Transparency in the Telecom Sector

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The Executive Vice Chairman/Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC), Dr. Aminu Maida, declared that the quality of service in the telecommunications sector is non-negotiable, urging industry stakeholders to collaborate to achieve this standard. In an interactive session with chief executive officers in the industry in Lagos, Maida emphasized the crucial role of the telecom sector in Nigeria’s digital economy.

As his confirmation as the substantive CEO unfolded at the Senate Chambers, Maida acknowledged the high expectations of telecom consumers, emphasizing the need for the industry to deliver value. He compared telecom services to utilities like water and electricity, emphasizing the industry’s responsibility to ensure seamless functionality.

Maida highlighted his focus on compliance with industry regulations and standards, emphasizing urgency in this area. “We owe it to ourselves to benchmark against the best, setting the standard for every other sector,” he asserted. Addressing broadband issues, Maida discussed the need for reimagining approaches, including evaluating the Infrastructure Company (InfraCo) licensing strategy and increasing investment.

Considering operating entities as a crucial segment of national telecom development, Maida stressed the importance of a conversation about moving Nigeria forward, involving both shareholders and the larger Nigerian public. Industry CEOs expressed support for Maida’s consultative approach, with ATCON President Tony Emoekpere praising the interactive session as a promising step.

ALTON Chairman Gbenga Adebayo commended the session, highlighting the positive approach of the new NCC boss. The industry leaders pledged to work closely in support of Maida’s mandate, appreciating the collaborative and transparent vision he brings to the telecommunications sector.

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