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Reps advocates global cooperation in anti-corruption crusade

Chairman of Anti-Corruption Committee Emphasizes International Collaboration and Legislative Reforms

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In a significant development, the House of Representatives, through its Anti-Corruption Committee, has called for an intensified global alliance to combat corruption within Nigeria. The announcement came during the committee’s inaugural meeting in Abuja, where Chairman Kayode Akiolu underscored the 10th Assembly’s commitment to enhancing transparency and accountability in the fight against corruption through collaborative efforts and legislative reforms.

Chairman Akiolu assured civil society organizations and international agencies of the committee’s dedication to robust engagement in fulfilling its responsibilities. He emphasized that the committee would actively monitor and assess all initiatives aimed at eradicating corruption within Nigeria.

Akiolu emphasized, “There is a need for collaboration, capacity building, and legislative reforms to tackle corruption effectively. As a result, the committee will host a collaborative meeting to get citizens’ feedback through organized actions by CSOs and international organizations.”

Furthermore, Akiolu provided insights into the committee’s future plans, revealing intentions to initiate international exchange programs and conferences. These initiatives aim to facilitate knowledge sharing and expose committee members to global best practices in the ongoing battle against corruption. The emphasis on global collaboration reflects a nuanced approach to tackling corruption, recognizing the interconnected nature of this pervasive challenge.

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