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Rivers elders caution governor Fubara against pro-Wike commissioners, deem appointments “illegal”

Elders' Forum Challenges Governor's Decision Amidst Political Tension

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The Rivers Elders and Leaders Forum issued a cautious advisory to Governor Siminalayi Fubara on Tuesday, urging him to remain vigilant regarding the commissioners in his cabinet aligned with former governor Nyesom Wike. Chief Anabs Sara-Igbe, a member of the forum, conveyed these sentiments during a conversation with our correspondent.

Expressing disapproval of Fubara’s decision to reinstate nine pro-Wike commissioners who had previously resigned during the period of heightened tension between Wike and Fubara, Sara-Igbe highlighted the potential risks of embracing individuals with conflicting interests within the government structure.

In response to Fubara’s warning to the returning pro-Wike commissioners against undermining his administration, Sara-Igbe underscored the importance of maintaining vigilance against adversaries within the political sphere.

He emphasized, “You cannot protect your house from your sworn enemies. When your enemies are known, you push them away or you keep them at arm’s length.”

Sara-Igbe further noted that the Rivers Elders were pursuing legal action, challenging the resolution reached at a reconciliatory meeting initiated by President Bola Tinubu in Abuja. He emphasized the forum’s commitment to legal recourse and the pursuit of justice.

Asserting their stance on the matter, Sara-Igbe emphasized the need for legal interpretation regarding the eight-point directives issued by President Bola Tinubu and the legality of Governor Fubara’s actions. He underscored the forum’s readiness to uphold their position through legal channels, awaiting the court’s verdict on the matter.

As the legal proceedings progressed, Sara-Igbe urged for clarity and adherence to the rule of law, expressing confidence that the forthcoming judgment would shed light on the legality of the directives and governmental actions.

With a scheduled court hearing approaching, Sara-Igbe affirmed the forum’s commitment to pursuing justice and upholding their interpretation of the law, indicating a willingness to pursue the case to the Supreme Court if necessary.

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