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Rivers State governor enjoys organic support, says former aide

Opunabo Inko-Tariah Commends Fubara's Leadership Style and People-Oriented Policies Amidst Political Landscape Shift

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In a media briefing held in Port Harcourt, Opunabo Inko-Tariah, a former Special Adviser on Media to the immediate past governor of Rivers State, lauded the incumbent governor, Siminalayi Fubara, for garnering organic support in the state through his leadership approach and policy initiatives. Inko-Tariah contrasted Fubara’s governance style with that of his predecessor, Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, Nyesom Wike, highlighting a shift towards tolerance and inclusivity under the current administration.

According to Inko-Tariah, Fubara’s leadership has been marked by a peaceful disposition and openness to opposition and criticism, a departure from the adversarial stance adopted by the previous administration. He attributed the political stability in the state to Fubara’s recognition of the challenges faced by Rivers people and his commitment to introducing transformative policies aimed at alleviating their plight.

Inko-Tariah emphasized Fubara’s positive impact on governance, stating that the governor’s actions have resonated with the populace, leading to increased support and approval. He dismissed the impeachment notice issued by the state House of Assembly against Fubara, asserting that the allegations lacked substance and were driven by political motives rather than genuine concerns.

Highlighting Fubara’s achievements since assuming office, Inko-Tariah cited initiatives such as the approval of employments into the civil service, salary increments for local government workers, and the payment of Christmas bonuses to civil servants. He praised Fubara’s focus on people-oriented programs and policies, which have endeared him to the electorate and garnered widespread acclaim.

Inko-Tariah acknowledged the initial skepticism towards Fubara’s administration, noting that many Rivers people were apprehensive about continuity with his political predecessor’s policies. However, he observed a shift in public sentiment as Fubara implemented new strategies and prioritized governance reforms, earning the admiration and support of the populace.

Commending Fubara’s developmental efforts, particularly in the agricultural sector, Inko-Tariah urged the governor to prioritize human capital development initiatives aimed at empowering unemployed youths with skills. He underscored the long-term benefits of such investments in fostering self-reliance and driving socio-economic growth in the state.

In conclusion, Inko-Tariah reiterated the organic nature of the support enjoyed by Fubara’s administration, attributing it to the governor’s visionary leadership and commitment to inclusive governance. He expressed optimism about the future trajectory of Rivers State under Fubara’s stewardship, emphasizing the need for sustained efforts in advancing development and prosperity for all residents.

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