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Senate convenes closed-door meeting with service chiefs over killing of 17 soldiers

Legislators Demand Swift Action as Manhunt Intensifies for Perpetrators of Okuoma Community Attack

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In response to the recent tragedy in Okuoma community, where 17 soldiers lost their lives during a peace mission, the Senate Joint Committee on Defence, Army, Navy, and Air Force convened a closed-door session with the nation’s top military brass on Wednesday. As troops intensified efforts to apprehend the assailants, lawmakers emphasized the urgency of identifying and bringing the culprits to justice.

The meeting, chaired by Senator Ahmad Lawan, commenced with a solemn tribute to the fallen soldiers, setting a somber tone for deliberations. Senator Lawan underscored the gravity of the attack, highlighting the Senate’s directive to investigate the incident and ensure accountability for those responsible.

In his address to the committee, Senator Lawan condemned the barbaric act and urged the Federal Government to prioritize national security above all other considerations. He called for unity in support of the Armed Forces, emphasizing the vital role of citizen cooperation in combating insecurity nationwide.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that troops from Defence Headquarters have intensified their manhunt for the perpetrators, with several suspects already apprehended. Notably, government officials in Bayelsa State are reportedly linked to the prime suspect, prompting heightened tensions in the region.

The Senate’s proactive engagement with military leadership reflects a concerted effort to address security challenges and uphold the rule of law. As investigations continue and the search for justice unfolds, Nigerians remain vigilant in their pursuit of peace and stability across the nation.

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