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Shell Nigeria to spearhead renewable energy initiative for widespread electricity access

Company Signals Shift Towards Sustainable Solutions at Nigerian International Energy Summit

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Shell Nigeria Plc has unveiled plans to support the Nigerian government’s efforts to expand electricity access across the country by harnessing renewable energy sources, marking a significant shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

Speaking at the 7th Nigerian International Energy Summit in Abuja, Mr. Osagie Okunbor, Managing Director of Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited and Country Chair of Shell Companies in Nigeria, emphasized the company’s commitment to deploying renewables as an off-grid energy source, particularly in regions without access to the national grid.

In a statement released by Media Relations Manager Abimbola Essien-Nelson, Shell underscored its intention to assist Nigeria in leveraging gas as a transition fuel while championing renewable energy initiatives.

Okunbor, represented by Mrs. Elohor Aiboni, Managing Director of Shell Nigeria Exploration and Production Company Limited, highlighted the transformative potential of partnerships, technological innovation, and sustainable financing in driving energy security, transition, and economic prosperity across Africa.

The company emphasized the need for a comprehensive approach that optimizes the development of conventional energy sources, leveraging Africa’s abundant resources while embracing technological advancements to mitigate emissions.

Okunbor cited the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership as an example of Shell’s commitment to environmental stewardship, facilitating the monitoring and mitigation of methane emissions from its operations.

Addressing the critical nexus of energy security, transition, and finance, Okunbor stressed the importance of uninterrupted access to affordable energy for economic growth, particularly in emerging economies like those in Africa.

Highlighting Shell’s longstanding presence across Africa, Okunbor outlined the company’s collaborative efforts with governments and stakeholders to promote Nigerian content development, transition to gas as a fuel, and deploy renewable energy solutions to underserved communities.

He expressed optimism about the progress and opportunities emerging from collaborative initiatives, signaling a positive trajectory for sustainable energy development across the continent.

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