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Shettima praises Tinubu’s economic reforms as crucial for Nigeria’s survival

Shettima Highlights Government's Resolve Amidst Economic Challenges, Urges Patience and Unity

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Speaking at the Second Chronicle Roundtable in Abuja, Vice President Kashim Shettima lauded President Bola Tinubu’s economic reforms over the past year, describing them as essential for Nigeria’s continued existence. Shettima emphasized the necessity of these measures given the dire state of the nation’s economy upon Tinubu’s assumption of office in May 2023.

Addressing the administration’s actions on petrol subsidy and foreign exchange market intervention, Shettima affirmed that Tinubu chose the most rigorous but certain path to economic recovery. He stressed that the government does not attribute blame to the previous regime but instead focuses on navigating through economic challenges.

Shettima urged Nigerians to exhibit patience, assuring them that Tinubu is steering the country through economic turbulence. He expressed confidence that the measures implemented will soon yield positive results across various economic indicators, including inflation, GDP, and poverty reduction.

Acknowledging the economic realities inherited by the Tinubu administration, Shettima underscored the importance of decisive leadership in addressing critical issues like fuel subsidy removal. He dismissed criticisms of Tinubu’s economic policies, emphasizing the need for tailored solutions to Nigeria’s unique economic context.

While lamenting sabotage from individuals prioritizing personal gain over national interest, Shettima expressed optimism about the effectiveness of ongoing measures in tackling economic challenges.

In his remarks, Shettima highlighted the significance of Nigeria’s success in driving Africa’s projected growth revolution, stressing the importance of unity and collective effort towards national development.

Dr. Shamsudeen Usman, Chairman of the Ministry of Finance Incorporated, emphasized the importance of policy consistency and integration into the country’s long-term development framework. He called for periodic review and alignment with transformative goals.

Mahmud Jega, CEO of 2nd Chronicle Newspaper, underscored the media’s role in critically analyzing government policies to contribute to national development.

The event was attended by dignitaries including Minister of Information Mohammed Idris, Special Adviser to the Vice President on Political Matters Dr. Hakeem Ahmed, and notable leaders in the media industry.

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