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South-West governments intensify security measures amid rising tensions

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Governments and security agencies across South-West states have bolstered security around government facilities and institutions, aiming to prevent any disruption of law and order by groups pushing their agendas.

The heightened security measures come in response to a recent attempt by Yoruba Nation agitators to seize the Oyo State Government Secretariat in Ibadan. Clad in army camouflage and armed with rifles, the agitators tried to raise their flag at the Oyo State House of Assembly premises. However, security forces thwarted the attempt and arrested 20 agitators.

This incident echoes a previous event in May 2023, when Yoruba Nation agitators temporarily hijacked Radio Nigeria’s airwaves in Ibadan. The agitators advocate for the secession of the Yoruba people from Nigeria, citing concerns about their welfare within the country.

In response, South-West governments and security agencies have issued stern warnings, emphasizing their resolve to maintain peace and order. They caution against any form of insecurity and urge Yoruba Nation agitators to pursue peaceful means of expression.

Governors in Osun, Ekiti, and Ogun states have affirmed their commitment to safeguarding public peace. Osun State Governor Ademola Adeleke has directed heightened security around government structures, urging citizens to support efforts towards a united Nigeria.

In Ekiti State, Commissioner for Information Taiwo Olatunbosun emphasizes the region’s commitment to peace and security. He assures residents that the government has taken necessary measures to maintain law and order.

Similar sentiments are echoed by security officials across the region. Police Commissioner Abiodun Alamutu of Ogun State emphasizes the readiness of security forces to prevent any breach of peace. In Ondo State, the police command assures residents of their preparedness to maintain security.

Meanwhile, pan-Yoruba sociopolitical group Afenifere condemns the invasion of the Oyo State House of Assembly, emphasizing that such actions do not represent the values of the Yoruba people. The Central Council of Ibadan Indigenes echoes this sentiment, calling for a thorough investigation into the incident and warning against further disruptions.

As tensions simmer, South-West states remain vigilant, determined to uphold peace and stability amidst growing unrest.

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