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South-West governors mull joint security patrols amid rising kidnappings

States in Nigeria's South-West Region Strategize to Combat Escalating Criminal Activities, Including Kidnappings and Killings

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Governors across the south-west region of Nigeria are deliberating the establishment of joint security patrols involving various agencies to combat the growing menace of kidnappings, which has inflicted hardship on residents.

Concerns over the surge in criminal activities have prompted the governors to consider bolstering logistical support for security personnel, including the military, police, Amotekun, vigilantes, and local hunters. This collaborative effort aims to restore peace and stability to an area once renowned for its tranquility but now plagued by lawlessness.

Recent incidents, such as the tragic killings of two Ekiti monarchs and the abduction of schoolchildren and a political figure along major highways, underscore the urgency of addressing security challenges in the region.

While each state within the South-West has implemented its security strategies, officials emphasize the importance of coordinated efforts. They highlight initiatives such as the provision of vehicles and communication devices to security agencies, coupled with proactive measures to curb criminal activities.

Efforts to tackle the escalating crisis include the deployment of drones and specialized equipment for surveillance and intelligence gathering, signaling a commitment to employ modern technology in combating crime.

Furthermore, discussions are underway to potentially arm Amotekun, the regional security outfit, subject to federal approval, to enhance their effectiveness in safeguarding communities.

Authorities stress the importance of community involvement and collaboration between states to foster a cohesive approach to security challenges. Tactical teams and joint task forces have been established to streamline efforts across borders and address criminal threats at the local level.

As the region navigates these security challenges, there is a shared determination among South-West governors and security agencies to fortify defenses and restore peace to communities impacted by criminal activities.

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