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Southwark Mayor extends invitation to UK Nigerians to tackle Nigeria’s education crisis

London Borough Mayor Michael Situ to Host Diaspora Event in Collaboration with Ibironke Adeagbo Foundation

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The Mayor of the London Borough of Southwark, Mr. Michael Situ, has expressed his commitment to hosting members of Nigeria’s diaspora community in the UK, aiming to address the critical issue of out-of-school children in Nigeria. The initiative is in partnership with the Ibironke Adeagbo (IA)-Foundation, a British charity actively involved in addressing education challenges in Nigeria.

Ibironke Adeagbo, the CEO of the foundation, revealed in a telephone interview that Mayor Situ’s gesture is a demonstration of support and solidarity towards the foundation’s efforts. The event, scheduled for early next year at the Southwark Civic Townhall near the London Bridge, will gather influential figures, including captains of industry, politicians, philanthropists, and delegates associated with IA-Foundation.

Adeagbo emphasized that the purpose of the event is to spotlight the foundation’s work, impact, and key findings over the years, drawing attention to the out-of-school crisis in Nigeria. The goal is to engage the Nigerian diaspora community in the UK, mobilizing them to contribute to addressing the education challenges back home.

The interaction aims to galvanize the international community, involving members of the UK Parliament, councillors, politicians, philanthropists, and corporate delegates. Adeagbo highlighted the foundation’s commitment to ensuring that the global community plays a crucial role in developing a robust and functional educational system in Nigeria.

IA-Foundation, established in 2019 by Adeagbo, a Nigerian born in England, has been actively working to address the out-of-school crisis in Nigeria. With UNESCO reporting 20.2 million out-of-school children in the country, the foundation has been relentless in drawing international attention to this pressing issue.

In a recent summit in Lagos, the foundation brought together prominent Nigerians and activists to discuss solutions to the out-of-school problem. The upcoming fundraising event in Lagos next March aims to further the foundation’s mission of taking more children off the streets and returning them to classrooms. Nigerian President Bola Tinubu has also assured citizens of his administration’s commitment to revitalize the education sector.

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