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TikTok’s #MentalHealthAwareness: Better Together Campaign gains momentum

This initiative aims to foster a more supportive environment for users to openly discuss mental health experiences and access guidance

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TikTok, the renowned short-form video platform, is amplifying its efforts in the realm of mental health awareness with the launch of a research survey aligned with its #MentalHealthAwareness: Better Together campaign. This initiative aims to foster a more supportive environment for users to openly discuss mental health experiences and access guidance.

Acknowledging the evolving landscape of mental health discussions, TikTok recognizes the platform’s role as a space for individuals to share stories, connect, and support one another. Hashtags like #MentalHealth, #SelfCare, and #MentalHealthAwareness have collectively garnered over 175 billion views, signifying significant engagement in mental health-related content.

As part of the “Better Together” narrative, TikTok conducted an in-app survey in Nigeria to gauge users’ emotions and perceptions regarding the platform’s role in combating loneliness and fostering connections. Among the participants, 73% reported building meaningful connections or friendships on TikTok, while 78% expressed a sense of belonging. Additionally, 67% stated that using the platform makes them feel less alone.

Olawuni Oluwapelumi, also known as AbikeShugaa, a popular content creator and actor on TikTok, shared her commitment to mental health advocacy. Overcoming a challenging past marked by abuse, Olawuni emphasizes conveying that happiness and motivation are attainable, ensuring her audience feels supported in their struggles.

Bianca Sibiya, TikTok’s Head of Content Operations for Sub-Saharan Africa, outlines the campaign’s goals, emphasizing TikTok’s collaboration with local and global organizations to provide meaningful resources for mental health support. The platform’s comprehensive approach includes removing harmful content, connecting users to essential resources, and facilitating discussions on mental health while maintaining a respectful and secure environment.

TikTok’s dedication to a safe and inclusive global community is evident in its strict Community Guidelines, which prohibit content that promotes self-harm, suicide, or disordered eating. The platform also directs users to safety and support platforms when searching for prohibited content, offering assistance on various challenges.

As the #MentalHealthAwareness: Better Together campaign gains momentum, TikTok encourages its global community to actively participate by utilizing the dedicated hashtag and sharing their stories, tips, and resources. In the digital age, TikTok serves as a platform for seeking support and discovering helpful strategies from the comfort of one’s home

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