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Tinubu-led government rescues over 1,000 kidnap victims without ransom

National Security Adviser, Nuhu Ribadu, Commends Successful Efforts as 22 Freed from Zamfara Abduction

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In a significant development underscoring the Federal Government’s relentless pursuit of national security, National Security Adviser Nuhu Ribadu revealed that the administration led by President Bola Tinubu has successfully rescued over 1,000 kidnap victims without succumbing to ransom demands.

The latest affirmation of this resolute stance came as Ribadu welcomed 22 students and staff of the Federal University of Gusau, Zamfara State, who were rescued from captivity on Sunday. The dramatic rescue follows a harrowing ordeal stemming from a brazen invasion by bandits on September 22, 2023, during which over 30 students and staff were abducted from the institution.

Deputy Governor of Zamfara State, Mani Mummuni, echoing the anxieties of many, urged security agencies to expedite efforts in securing the release of the remaining kidnapped students, highlighting the pressing need for swift and decisive action in such circumstances.

Reassurances from the Zamfara State Police Command, delivered through spokesperson Yazid Abubakar, affirmed the commitment to the safe return of all kidnapped students. Abubakar emphasized the command’s deployment of additional tactical teams to bolster search-and-rescue operations, indicative of a concerted effort to tackle the scourge of abduction in the region.

The intricate coordination of efforts by the National Counter-Terrorism Centre culminated in the liberation of the 22 hostages, a testament to the efficacy of collaborative security measures in confronting such crises.

In expressing gratitude for the successful operation, Ribadu lauded the dedication of security operatives in ensuring the safe return of the victims without yielding to ransom demands or compromising their safety. He further underscored the government’s commitment to preserving the privacy and well-being of those rescued, affirming a track record of discreet yet effective interventions in securing the release of hostages.

Amidst these triumphs, Ribadu urged the freed students and university staff to draw strength from their ordeal, emphasizing resilience in the face of adversity as they endeavor to resume normalcy in their lives.

This latest rescue echoes previous instances where the government, steadfast in its resolve, has successfully orchestrated the release of abducted citizens, exemplifying a steadfast commitment to national security and the protection of its populace.

As the nation navigates the complex landscape of security challenges, the unwavering dedication of security agencies, coupled with strategic interventions, remains paramount in safeguarding the welfare and security of all citizens.

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