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U.S. Department of State official reinforces commitment to partnership with Nigeria’s flourishing creative sector

Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs, Ramin Toloui, affirms U.S. dedication to supporting Nigeria's economic growth and workforce development through creative industry collaboration

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In a visit spanning from November 5 to 8, Ramin Toloui, the U.S. Department of State Assistant Secretary for Economic and Business Affairs, reiterated the United States’ commitment to fostering collaboration with Nigeria. The focus of his visit to Lagos was on exploring avenues for U.S. support to enhance Nigeria’s thriving creative sector, a key driver of economic growth and workforce development.

Assistant Secretary Toloui engaged in substantive discussions with government officials and prominent stakeholders within Nigeria’s creative industry. The discussions underscored the mutual interest in promoting African and Nigerian growth and development through sustained collaboration.

“I am here because the United States government seeks to strengthen partnerships and support the growth of Nigeria’s vibrant creative industry,” stated Assistant Secretary Toloui. He acknowledged the remarkable individuals leading Nigeria’s creative sector and highlighted its global demand, contributing significantly to job creation and innovation. Toloui also emphasized the importance of intellectual property protection within the dynamic creative landscape.

Assistant Secretary Toloui’s visit aligns with the U.S. commitment underscored during the December 2022 U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit. The summit emphasized expanding and deepening partnerships with African countries, institutions, and people. His engagement in Nigeria reflects this commitment, making him the latest senior U.S. official to visit the country and reinforce ties, promote economic growth, and address shared challenges within the U.S.-Nigeria relationship.

These diplomatic engagements have spanned various sectors, including technology, energy, agriculture, healthcare, advocacy, investment, and entrepreneurship. The focus on Nigeria’s creative industry emphasizes the recognition of its pivotal role in driving economic prosperity and development, aligning with the shared goals of both nations.

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